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2019 Vacation Rentals – FAQ – All You Need To Know

2019 Vacation Rentals – FAQ – All You Need To Know


So you are interested in a 2019 vacation rental? It is probably frustrating. You can’t search 2019 rentals yet. No one can tell you what’s going on for next year. Can i rent this for next year?  Is it too early? When can i rent or reserve this rental? These are probably some of your questions, right?

This post will hopefully answer many of your questions and give you the opportunity to request to reserve a specific rental or rentals or just tell us what it is your are looking for, so we may help you at the appropriate time.

We want you to know what to expect so that you know what is happening, so that you understand why we have to wait in certain cases to reserve a rental and so you know when we will be able to assist you.

Please view the FAQ below which should answer many of your questions. But if not, you can always contact us at (732) 793-7755.

Can I reserve a Rental that was available but not rented in 2018?

If you are inquiring about a property and week that was available but not rented in 2018 and has passed, we may be able to request to reserve the property for you by Oct. 1st 2018 (The re-up deadline for tenants). We must first investigate the rental because there may be a previous tenant who rented a different week who has requested the week you are inquiring about, in which they would have precedence. Also, the price and availability of that week is subject to the Owner’s approval. Our Owner’s begin to fill out their annual authorizations and tell us what is available and the price for 2019 starting in the middle of September. Some owners take longer to return their authorization and it could take longer. We will contact you as soon as we receive this information and can update you.

Can I reserve a Rental that was rented by someone else in 2018?

If you are requesting to rent a property and a week that was rented by someone else in 2018, that person has the 1st right of refusal, to rent that week for 2019. You are welcome to request to be on the list for that week, and if the person does not reserve that week, and if it is available according to the owner, then we can reserve it for you at that time. However, we can not give you an exact time frame for this as we do not know how long an Owner will take to sign their authorization form for 2019. But, it could be any time in September to October or beyond.

October 1st is the soft deadline that we use to require previous tenants to decide if they will re-rent a property (so long as the authorization has been received by the owner and we know the availability and price). However, if the owner has not sent us their authorization by that date, this deadline will be extended until we receive it. The tenant could also choose to not re-rent the property at any time, in which case we would contact you to reserve it.

If we are able to reserve a rental for you, we will require a $500 deposit to reserve the property at that time. We now accept credit cards, check or cash.

How do I know if a rental was rented in 2018?

You will know if a week was rented in 2018 by viewing our website now, and if the week says “Rented”, then it was either rented or unavailable in 2018. If there is a price showing the week as available, then that week is either still available for rent in 2018 or the week has passed and was available but was not rented in 2018.

What is the best thing I can do to reserve a rental for 2019?

The best thing that you could do is fill out the 2019 online request form, to request to reserve a week or weeks for 2019. This will document your request and time stamp it. We will then be going through all our 2019 requests at the appropriate time and contacting everyone. If we are unable to reserve the property or weeks you request, we can still help you find a similar property at that time. Everyone must be patient throughout the month of September as there is a lot of work to be done by our staff to review all our property authorizations as they come in and to work on reserving weeks for those who are entitled to re-rent them, or to reserve them for those who have inquired to reserve them, if the previous tenant passes on re-renting.

What should I do if i inquire to you, but then I need to update information?

If you have to update any information or have any questions, please contact the Agent who will contact you after you fill out the 2019 Request form. That Agent will be your point of contact and will assist you. If you do not hear from an Agent within a few days of inquiring, please email our IT Director Rich at [email protected] He will investigate your request.





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