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Please Note: Our credit card policy has changed. 1/29/20

Credit Card Payment & Cancellation Policy

1. Cardholder/Tenant when choosing to pay by credit card shall incur a transaction fee. Schlosser Real Estate does accept payment by check or money order with NO FEE.
2. Payment by credit card is offered as a convenience for cardholders/tenants and shall incur a credit card transaction fee of 3.6% (+0.15 cents) per transaction.
This fee goes toward paying the credit card transaction fees charged by the credit card merchant.
3. A cardholder/tenant may be eligible for a refund minus any cancellation fees in the event of cancellation of a credit card payment prior to the signing of a legally binding lease agreement.
Once a lease agreement is signed, the payments are subject to the terms of the lease agreement. No cancellations or charge-backs are accepted after signing of a legally binding lease agreement. Unless approved by the Landlord.
4. In no event shall the cancellation period terminate prior to the delivery to the cardholder/tenant of a fully executed short-term rental lease agreement containing the final terms of the lease agreement.
5. All credit card payments for a short-term rental lease agreement must be made 61 days prior to the lease start date.