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Lavallette Beach Badges

Badges are required starting June 17, 2023.

Badges are available for $65 for the season.
Seniors 65 and older $20.
Veterans, Active Military can acquire a badge with a copy of their Military ID at no charge.
Disabled Persons can purchase a badge with a copy of their Disability ID for $15.00.

Badges are currently sold at the municipal building and will move to the concession stand Monday June 12th 9am-1pm. Starting June 17th the stand will be open 7 days a week from 9am-4pm.


Navigation Bullet 2023 Beach Fees

Beach Badges must be worn at all times, visible on the front of the bathing suit. This applies to both Ocean and Bay Beaches.

The badge fees for the 2023 Summer Season are as follows:

No fee for children under the age of twelve (12) years.
$65.00 per person, per season. Season badges available throughout the season.
$35.00 per person per week or fraction thereof. A “week” is defined as the period from Saturday through the following Saturday.
$13.00 per person for each daily badge.
$20.00 per person for the entire bathing season for any person whom is 65 years of age or over
$15.00 pre person for any totally disabled person. ID Required.
No Charge for all veterans of any military service and all military service personnel on active duty status. ID Required.


Read more from Lavallette.org

Ortley Beach / Shelter Cove Badges

Beach Opens Weekends Only, Starting Memorial Day Weekend – Saturday May 27, 2023
Beach Opens Daily Saturday, June 17, 2023

Beach Hours: 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday); 10am – 6pm (Weekends)

Pool Opens Daily Saturday June 24, 2023

Pool Hours: 11am – 6pm Daily


Full Season Badge (Pre-season price)
$50.00 On sale beginning 4/3/2023
Full Season Badge (In-season price)
$65.00 After 5/29/2023
$40.00 Week Runs Saturday – Friday
Daily (Monday – Friday)
Daily (Weekends & Holidays)
Senior ID (Lifetime Access Card Available)
$15.00 One time processing fee for card

View Pricing for Ortley Beach and Shelter Cove beaches.

Seaside Park Beach Badges

2023 Seaside Beach Badges

Click here to purchase online

Seaside Park Beach Control

Seaside Heights Beach Badges

Buy badges with the App for Seaside heights

Purchase via the Viply app and then pick up your physical badges at the Seaside Heights Municipal Building located at 901 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ.

Simply scan-in and get your physical badge(s).

You must pick up your badges at the Beach Control office located on the Boardwalk at Kearney Ave. Office will be open weekends in June from 9AM – 4PM. Starting June 19th to Labor Day, the office will be open seven days a week from 9AM – 4PM.

OBIII Beach Badges

The beach opens on Saturday, June 17, 2023. Please observe the following rules during your stay:

  • Renters can purchase a pack of 8 badges for $150, and additional badges for $25 per badge.
  • Badges are required for anyone 12 years and older.
  • Weekly badges may be purchased at the Ocean Beach & Bay Club Office, 101 Sea Way, Lavallette, NJ during office hours.
  • Daily Wristbands cost $15, and can only be purchased from the Badge Checkers at the beach walkways.
  • Everyone is required to wear a guest badge when using any of the Club’s facilities, especially on the ocean and bay beaches.
  • Adults and children participating in summer activities at the clubhouse must wear a badge.
  • Borrowing of Member Badges is prohibited.
  • To order Beach Badges, please download the Beach Badge Application and submit to the office at info@oceanbeach3.org.
  • For guests staying at the local Marina, who would like to purchase beach badges, please use the Marina Guest Beach Badge Application.

View the Official OBIII Page for Rules, Parking, Trash/Recycling and Contact information.

Dune Terrace Badges

If you are renting in Dune Terrace in Ortley Beach, your tenant should have a note on Schlosser letterhead stating their name and
that they are renting there on the specified dates.

To obtain badges, tenants can go up the walkway to the beach entrance. Badges are $25 for a weekly or $100 for
6 weekly badges. CASH ONLY! They can be sold 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You are allowed to eat and bring alcoholic beverages to the beach. There are 2 rules.
Rule #1 no glass ever on the beach, rule #2 no dogs ever on the beach.

Lifeguards are on duty 10-5 weekdays and 9-6 weekends.

Ocean Beach Shores Guest Badge Application 2024

Download Beach Badge Application 2024


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