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List of Cleaners

List of Cleaners

The Cleaning List

List of available cleaners in Lavallette & surrounding area. Note: We are not recommending any one company. This is a list of cleaners in the area who are insured and who have cleaned for our tenants and owners in the past.

America’s Best Choice (Insured)

Nikki 201-212-3061

Brilliant Cleaning Office  (Insured & Bonded)

Nataliya Cell 248-719-4447

One Room At A Time (Insured)

Rosemary 732-330-7124

Be On Time Cleaning Service (Insured)

Betania 908-217-1496

Tower Cleaning (Insured)

Michael 732-779-7395

L & S Cleaning (Insured)

Lisa 732-232-3047

Shore Organic Cleaning (Insured)

Donna 732-770-1366

BE Clean (Insured)

Erica 732-552-8450

Lauren 732-581-1364

Bay Head Maids (Insured)

Allie 848-221-5718

2 Broke Girls (Insured)

Pat 848-258-7198

Jo Ann 732-849-6648

We Leave A Sparkle (Insured)

Betty Jean & Monica 848-448-5256



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